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LoungeUp acquires Dmbook Pro and establishes itself as the leading European provider in guest relationship and hotel operational management



LoungeUp is a unified platform that collects, structures, and enriches guest data so that you can manage communications with guests on any channel, build a seamless experience, and drive guest engagement.

Improve guest satisfaction with better communication

Communicate with your guests on their favourite channels. Send the right message at the right time using our platform’s intelligence. Provide an outstanding level of service tailored to each guest.

Upsell your guests with better messaging

Generate up to €10 incremental revenue per guest by selling the right service, at the right time to your guests. Automatically.

From now on reward your most loyal guests

Collect and structure guest data in a unified database to provide them with the best service throughout their stay and build long-term loyalty.

Overview of our features

Get to know your guests better

You have a lot of guest data scattered across your software programmes and tools. Condense this data into one place and capitalise on it by using it to offer your guests ultra-personalised experiences and to optimise your marketing actions.

Improve their satisfaction

The more you simplify the guest journey, the higher your guest satisfaction. Online pre-check-in, booking services in a few clicks, push notifications, proposing services via SMS,... Facilitating your guests’ stay is easy and automatic.

Generate more upsell

Easily generate additional revenue on each booking by offering your guests customised services. Offer your services or your partners’ services and automatically increase your revenues.

Why LoungeUp?


With more than 2550 businesses currently using our solutions, LoungeUp is the most popular guest relations and CRM solution provider in Europe.


Our suite of interconnected products are constantly updated by our skilled technical team so our clients can always enjoy the latest technological benefits.

Client support

89% of all of our support requests are treated within the hour and our client support teams work proactively, holding a 94% satisfaction rate.

Monitor engagement

View the platform’s exact usage by guests with our monitoring tools to see how guests are using the system. On average, between 30% and 50% of travellers use the service.