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Facilitated interaction

In 2018 LoungeUp has enabled 7 million travellers to interact with their hotel.

  • Intelligent instant messaging, e-mail, SMS: keep in contact with and accompany your guests along each stage of their journey
  • Evaluate their satisfaction in real-time

A more fluid guest journey

Simplify each step of your guest’s stay.

  • Digitalise the check-in/check-out procedure
  • Make your services easily orderable
  • Enable guests to book their next stay directly

Personalised information

80% of travellers want to receive information on their mobiles during their stay

  • All your tourist recommendations (restaurants, circuits, trips, attractions, etc.) easily accessible through an interactive map that functions offline
  • Flight information, weather forecasts, routes
  • Offer quality content (a newsstand, videos, etc.)

(MCD study:  Seeing returns)

Maximum knowledge of your guests

Discover their preferences, real-time, simply and easily.

  • Automatically identify your guests’ preferences and areas of interest
  • Concentrate all the information you collect into unique guest files 
  • Use this data to specifically target offers, and increase your guests’ loyalty

Automated sale of your additional services

Effortlessly increase your revenues.

  • Sell additional services to your guests even before they arrive
  • Promote your services
  • Showcase your partner companies
  • Boost next stay bookings

Overview of our features


Send automated emails before and after the stay. Integrated questionnaires for preparing the your guests’ arrival and departure.


A service available as an App (iOS and Android) and Webapp (without need for download, directly through your Wi-Fi), accessible to all your guests whether they are on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Instant messaging

A direct messenger with a translation tool and satisfaction surveys. Communicate with your guests more efficiently with push notifications, SMS and pre-programmed messages.

Ordering services

All your services made easily accessible and available to reserve through order modules. Facilitated guest request management.


Highlight your tourist recommendations on an interactive map that can be used without Internet connection. Keep your guests company even when outside your establishment.


A management tool for the specific content for your events or seminars, making it easy to keep your guests informed

Digital newsstand

Offer a wide selection of newspapers and magazines available for unlimited download during the stay, directly onto their mobile devices.


Automatic qualified data collection for your guest files: contact details, e-mail addresses, preferences, centres of interest, user statistics, requests, orders… Make the most of this information in your next targeted marketing campaigns.


A dashboard made available to you displaying measures of the platform’s activity. A summary is regularly sent to the administrators by e-mail

Why LoungeUp?


With more than 1,800 establishments currently using these solutions, LoungeUp is the market’s European leader. In the realm of guest relations and CRM, it has developed a real and unique expertise.


LoungeUp is made up of a suite of interconnected products that are updated extremely regularly so our clients can always enjoy the latest forward movements in technology.

Client support

89% of all support requests are treated within the hour. Our client support teams work proactively and hold a 94% satisfaction rate.

High use

LoungeUp offers a means of viewing the platform’s exact usage; you will be able to enjoy access to a number of monitoring tools. On average, between 30% and 50% of travellers use the service.