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Guest data management

All your guest data, organised and stored in enriched and visual guest files

  • Guest identity, photo, social accounts
  • Stay history
  • Conversation history
  • Review history
  • Areas of interest
  • Advanced, recordable and exportable searches


Send effective newsletters

Stay in touch after the stay. Build guest loyalty.

  • Create customised emailings
  • Take advantage of ultra-targeted segmentation
  • Celebrate the anniversaries of your guests’ stays
  • Create all your campaigns in as many languages as you want

Guest Portal

Make your services and tourist recommendations readily accessible to guests.

  • All services available to book in just a few clicks (breakfast, room service, restaurant, spa…)
  • A chat tool to quickly answer questions
  • Your partner recommendations
  • Press, weather, flight information…


A Guest Messaging Hub for easy communication

Centralise all your communication channels onto one screen. Optimise your teams’ reactivity.

  • Improved productivity
  • Optimised guest request management
  • Reduced response time

Personalised emails

Simplify and improve your guests’ experience.

  • Upsell during the pre-stay period (on average €10 per guest)
  • Online check-in before arrival
  • Post-stay satisfaction questionnaire



Communicate via SMS

The simplest way to communicate with your guests

  • Send automated text messages (notify them when their room is ready, send a welcome message, reviews…)
  • Or manual text messages (answer a question, late arrival, taxi booking..)


Ultra-simple interactions on WhatsApp.

The world’s most used messaging application to be enjoyed by your guests

  • Send informative messages (photos, files, links, …) to your WhatsApp-using guests
  • Enjoy the freedom of no character limit
  • Offer your guests instant support

Opening the guest's room with their smartphone

Remove all the problems that come with physical passes

  • Reduce check-in time: the guest retrieves their key autonomously on their smartphone
  • Facilitate access to the room
  • Automate key management: the guest receives an automatic message with the link to retrieve their key
  • Facilitate late arrival

Monitor performances

Monitor your return on investment in real time

  • Your additional revenue generated
  • The number of users on your app
  • Your guests’ preferred content
  • Email response rate
  • Text message response rate


Key functions

Increase revenues

Increase your additional revenues with pre-stay upselling. Each email sent generates between 1 and 4€ of additional revenue.


A streamlined process for your guests: Easy check-in and check-out, inventory, digital legal forms and check-out forms pre-filled for your guests.


Personalise content and forms in a number of powerful ways based on guest profile and type of content.

Guest data

Collect qualified data on your guests before they even arrive. Guest files are automatically updated with their contact details, preferences, interests, etc.

Instant messaging

A robust messenger tool with translation and satisfaction survey capabilities. Featuring push notifications, SMS and pre-programmed messages.

Travel companion

Offer your guests an easy way to manage their account and reservations directly on their smartphones or tablets.