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We think that collaborating with other companies is the best way to progress. We offer three different types of partnerships.

LoungeUp being an extremely reactive and forward-moving company, we are confident that a collaboration with us would be of benefit to you, whatever it might be. Please don’t hesitate to contact us.


We are open to a potential integration of your services within our solution and vice versa, with the aim of enriching the user experience of our products.

With the guarantee of a robust and reliable installation, which will be valued by our shared clients.


Show our product to your contacts in the hotel industry and benefit yourself.

It’s simple: provide us with a verified declaration of interest from the person with whom you have spoken, and, once the deal is closed, you will receive a cheque of commission directly by post.


Our vision for the years to come is global, without question.

It is in this light that we have begun to build a network of international resellers, which we continue to develop. LoungeUp is constantly in search of motivated re-sellers with vision, able to sell our services in new areas.