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Event: Hotel 2.0 – Outside of the box

Master the key concepts and good practices in the management of innovation applied to hospitality”

03/04/18 – Issy-les-Moulineaux


This conference will cover the tools and concepts for managing innovation in the hotel industry. The event is free for hoteliers and will take place in the Paris region.


  • Two Keynotes:
    • Make innovation a competitive advantage for your hotel” by Benjamin Devisme (The Colossal Factory)
    • and “How to make your employees adhere to an innovation project” by Giles Estard (Accor Hotels)
  • A panel consisting of 4 hotel personalities
    • Christelle Pitrel (DOP)
    • Thibault Viort (Accor Hotels)
    • Kevin Machefert (Machefert Hotel Collection)
    • Benjamin Devisme (Colossal Factory)
  • There will also be Hotel Bootcamps to share your experiences in groups


The goal of this conference is to give you the tools to manage innovation in your institution, the “how to think” to make the right decisions. There are more than 200 hoteliers already registered!

Our contribution to this conference will be focusing on how technologies can help hoteliers smooth the customer’s journey and how to eliminate points of friction through the dematerialisation of the customer’s journey. From a single platform, the hotel has access to all exchanges with each one of its customers, which it can consult and manage. The tool serves as a single database for all customer information.

If you would like to meet us there, make an appointment, the event is only happening for one day.


3rd April 2018

09:00 – 16:00

AccorHotels S.A Sequana, 82 rue Henri Farman, 92130 Issy-les-Moulineaux

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Free for hoteliers

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