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Event : ITB 2018 [Berlin]

“The world’s leading travel show.”

07-11/03/18 – Berlin

We are excited to once again participate at ITB and be able to meet hoteliers and partners from around the world. All continents are represented, each destination stand looking bigger than the other. This is a real world tour, with around 160 000m2 and 187 countries present.

We will be exhibiting at the Welcome City Lab booth, the first Parisian incubator in the tourism sector developed by Paris & Co, which has 9 business incubators in the Paris region.

You can make an appointment with us through the ITB platform or simply by sending us an email to


Each year at the ITB event, a report is published on the current year concerning global tourism trends. This year, the consulting firm IPK International is leading the report.

Their report, ITB World Travel Trends Report 2017/2018, has given some impressive figures on world tourism, here are some of their main themes:


The growth of global tourism intensifies

  • The global turnover of trips abroad is developping three times faster than the world GDP for each continent:
    • +7.5% for North America
    • +5.5% for Europe
    • +5% for Asia
    • +5% for Latin America
  • 901 million international tourist arrivals


A strong year for tourism abroad in Europe

  • +5.5% of trips abroad coming from Europe
  • +20% of urban tourism
  • +12% of arrivals in Southern and Mediterranean Europe


Constant growth for Asian foreign tourism

  • +5% of trips from Asia
  • +15% of beach and sunny holidays


Tourism abroad in North America is intensifying as Latin America progresses

  • +15% of journeys from North America to Europe
  • More organized trips for North Americans
  • -7% of visits from friends or relatives
  • +8% of organized trips


The global tourism industry needs new strategies to manage over-tourism

  • 25% of tourists felt that their destinations were crowded
  • 19% of winter sports travellers were affected by over-tourism
  • Venice has more than 22 million visitors per year but only 2.9 million of those stay the night


International tourism is more secure than you believe

  • 41% of tourists say that terrorist alerts will impact their travel plans in 2018
  • 33% plan to change to a safer destination
  • The United States and United Kingdom enter top 10 “potentially dangerous“ destinations
  • 8% of international travelers have suffered from a “risk event“


The millennials will bring the growth of the Muslim tourism market

  • 60% of the 1.8 billion Muslims globally are under 30
  • Halal food and places of prayer are essential
  • Expected income from the Muslim tourism market by 2026: $300 billion
  • Luxury tourism accounts for 20% of global tourism spending
  • By 2022, two-thirds of luxury hotels will be based on experience
  • New technologies will play a decisive role in tourism, such as chatbots or robots


07th – 11th March 2018


Messeberlin, Messedamm 22, 14055 Berlin, Germany

LoungeUp Location: Hall E-travel, 6.1 – Stand 105

Professional visitor: 1 day entry: 42€ (online); 62€ (at the event) / 5 day pass: 60€ (online); 90€ (at the event)

General public visitor: 1 day entry: 12€ (online); 15€ (at the event)

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