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EquipHotel 2016: What to expect

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EquipHotel is a trade show that takes place every two years in Paris, designed for professionals from the hospitality and catering industries. Created more than 50 years ago, today it attracts around 110,000 visitors and 1,600 exhibitors.

Businesses come from all over the world to present their products and services, with hotels and caterers coming to source products and find out about the latest trends.




“The tourism and hospitality sector is currently undergoing radical transformation. EquipHotel’s mission – as it has always been over the years – is to support industry professionals as they face these new challenges, by continuously delivering new ideas and new content.”

– Corinne Menegaux, Director of EquipHotel.


EquipHotel has increased its international status over the last few years, with this year’s exhibition being considered the most important event in the hospitality and catering sector. It is no wonder that 30% of the exhibitors and 20% of the visitors come from overseas.




A thematic organisation

The EquipHotel trade show is divided into 5 different halls comprising of 30 exhibition sectors, divided as follows:

Pavillon 3 :

– Indoor furniture
– Outdoor furniture

Pavillon 4 :

– Building layout and fittings
– Architectures
– Outdoor fittings and coverings
– Layout
– Fitness and Wellness
– Linen and Professional Textile
– Laundry
– Welcome products
– Hygiene
– Bathrooms
– Spa
– Swimming pool / Swimming pool enclosures
– Outdoors

Pavillon 7.1 :

– Entertainment
– Technologies
– Services
– Signage

Pavillon 7.2 :

– Tableware
– Disposable items
– Interior design
– Lighting
– Hotel chains
– Counsel
– Audit

Pavillon 7.3 :

– Cafe and bar
– Drinks
– Kitchen Equipment
– Food products
– Transgourmet
– Transport


A host of events

EquipHotel has organised many different events including: conferences, workshops, competitions, capsules, studio fairs, bar offs, etc… This includes several workshops focusing on digital strategies to help hotels ensure direct reservations and decrease dependence on OTAs.  

All the EquipHotel events can be found here:




A special feature this year is Studio 16a depiction of an establishment at the forefront of innovation and the latest trends, with showrooms combining all the new codes of the hospitality and catering industry. Designers and architects have created different spaces such as: “In the Room”, “Resto des chefs”, “Bar”, “Lobby”, “Outdoor” and “Let’s work”. All have been created to show the future of innovations and inventions, and how they apply to the different areas of a hotel.




To find out more about this space, this short 2 minute video introduces the concept:



You can also find the latest trends and innovations in the “capsules”. These spaces have been created in response to specific issues such as accessibility, sustainable development, technological innovations, occupational risk prevention and the spa:


  • Chambre Origine


Designed by Laurent Delporte and the architecture and interior design consultancy AW2, this room represents the future; it is low-energy, reinvigorating and organically sourced.




For more information:



  • Ergo Room



The Ergo Room showcases products that focus on improving the working conditions and quality of work of hotel employees. Several businesses have come together to achieve this project, including one of our partners, 1Check.




To see the complete overview or details about the business partners:


  • The Senses Room



The Senses Room focuses on accessibility for those with disabilities and their families, all while combining luxury and design.




To find out more:


  • The Spa Capsule

Unlike the other capsules, the Spa Capsule is a conference space focusing on topics surrounding Spas and Wellness. Throughout the course of the trade show, hotel managing directors, spa managers, leading consultants and architects will speak about their visions of wellness in the hospitality industry and share their advice and best practices. These conferences have been organised by Isabelle Charrier, Founder and Publishing Director of EMOTION SPA Magazine and strategic and operational marketing consultant for Spas.

To see the programme:


Come and see us!

We are always delighted to talk to hotels about how they can improve their contact with their guests and interact with them more. We have new products that we think will be of interest to you, come and find out more about them, test them or simply talk to our team to learn more about the products that you already know and use!

Our stand is situated on Pavillon 7.1, stand L48 as indicated on the map below:




Do not hesitate to come and talk to us, we would be delighted to meet you in person!


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See you soon!

Written by LoungeUp



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