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8 Convincing Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs An App

Did you know that 87% of travellers travel with a smartphone? (Source: TripAdvisor)

Well, it kind of makes sense when you think that

There are more iPhones bought than babies born every day.  (Source: TNW)


And if you’re a hotel you cater to babies, right? You have cots ready for your guests.

So why aren’t you catering to the smartphones of your guests? That device currently eliciting so much attention worldwide (sometimes even more than actual babies).


Let’s embrace the 21st century and find a solution for the modern traveller: an app for your hotel. 

“An app for my hotel? What even is that?”

Well, a hotel app is a very handy little tool that your guests can download onto their smartphones and tablets once they’ve booked their stay. It helps them explore the area, order room service, contact you and more! 

Here are 8 very convincing reasons why your hotel needs an app:

1. Customer service. 

You’re a hotel, and your guests are the most important thing to you. You want to do everything you can to make their stay as smooth and sublime as possible.

“How can an app help me do this!”, I hear you cry.

Well if you have an app, your guest can contact you at any moment, wherever they are, through a simple touch of their thumb. But lets go further than that and provide even better service with…

2. A mobile tourism guide.

Lighten the bags of your guests by offering them everything they might want to know, right on their phone or tablet. Museums, parks, restaurants, cool quirky places, right in their pocket! No more hefty guide books, heck, you’re even saving your guests a few dollars in the process. Wow. What’s not to love?

“But what if my guest is having so much fun out exploring all the great places on the app and gets lost!”, I can read in the furrowing of your brow.

Well not with a hotel app, because you’ll have…

3. Everything on an interactive map.

Everything”? Well yes actually, pretty much. Museums, monuments, bars, restaurants, pharmacies, shops, markets, cinemas, cabarets, hairdressers, bus stops, train stations… (phew!)

But even more than that, because…

Your hotel can add anything it wants! Any of your personal recommendations that you want to showcase to your guests, you can. It’s that easy.

“Ok, but what does interactive even mean“?

Let me tell you. Your guest will always be able to see exactly where they are on the map, exactly where your hotel is, exactly where that great little restaurant they’re navigating too is, even when their phone is offline!

Hold the phone, I have enough difficulty understanding my Russian guests, let alone what you’re telling me here.”

Well stop right there because…

4. Languages barriers are no more. 

With a hotel app, your guest can change the entirety of the app’s content to whichever language suits them most. And when they send you a message through the app, it will automatically be translated into the language that your hotel operates in. Even better – when you reply to their message, it will get translated back into their langauge! Nifty.

“Hmm, sounds relatively useful. What else is in it for me?” 

5. Sell your services. 

Digitise your room service, bar and spa menus, and put them directly on the app. Then your guests can peruse all of your delicious goods and services whether on their balcony, under the Eiffel Tower or on a Vespa*.

*Disclaimer: LoungeUp does not endorse motor-mobile usage but simply shares musings on Parisian life.

They can then order anything that your hotel sells, right through their phone or tablet! You’ll get an instant message with the details of the order, and everyone will be appy. Not to mention the extra revenue you’ll be raking in.


6. Receive guest data.

As a hotel, it is vital for you to know who your guest is. Having an app helps you do this because you’ll receive data about every action carried out on the app. Useful.

See exactly which information your guests like looking at digitally, get guest analytics, feed your CRM, and then tailor your hotel services to fit the habits of your guests. It’s like Christmas come early.

With integrated push messaging, you can then send specific messages with greatpromotions straight to the device of your guest, depending on what they’ve been interested in.

All of this app talk distracting your from your main daily preoccupation? Guest reviews? Well worry no more, because a hotel app will…

7. Boost online reviews and social media presence.

Make it easier for your guests to leave TripAdvisor reviews and check-in on Facebook with a simple click on their device. On top of that, your reviews will likely be even more marvellous – you’ll be able to find out any guest dissatisfactions during their stay and solve the problem before they leave.

You get more reviews and increase your Facebook presence, your guest gets to show-off to their Facebook friends that they’re on holiday in your great hotel, it’s a win-win situation.  

But then your lovely guest leaves, and you’ll never see them ever again.


8. Build guest loyalty. 

It has been proven that offering your guests an app actually builds loyalty.

Sacrebleu, can this be true? 

Yep. MCD say so, and they’ve got a whole loads of numbers and figures to prove it.

With a hotel app you can stay in touch with your guests even after they leave, and keep them thinking about you. It’s like a high school romance.

Offering your guests a hotel app makes it much more likely for them to come back in the future. This is so darn great considering we are in the age of online travel agencies and hotels are losing power over their distribution; capture clients who’ve come from OTAs and make it easier for them to book directly again. Bring on commision-free bookings and loyal guests.

Cue angelic singing. 

So that’s the 8 reasons. Are you convinced? Are you overwhelmed?

If so, stop reading. Because I’m about to remind you that you can:

  • improve customer service
  • offer your guests a tourist guide
  • and an interactive map
  • with no awkward language problems
  • and sell your services
  • and receive guest data
  • and boost your online presence
  • and build guest loyalty

All with an app! 

Get on board. Join the mobile revolution.

Written by LoungeUp


Photo Credits: Pexels – Mohi Syed