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Guest data management

All your guest data is consolidated into a single database

  • Consolidate data from your PMS, Channel Manager, Reputation, Restaurant, Spa and more
  • Track guest interactions via chat, SMS, and email
  • Track your guests’ orders and inquiries
  • Track reviews published on online review platforms
  • Track public data on social media
  • Data is centralised at the group or hotel level

A powerfully structured and flexible database

The platform automatically processes the data

  • Deletion of duplicates and grouping of multiple stays in the same guest file
  • Qualification and structuring of data (phone number, date, gender, nationality, language…)
  • Verification of data (email address, phone number…)

More than just an address book

A 360° view of each guest with exceptional search capabilities

  • User-friendly profiles containing all available guest data
  • Super fast multi-criteria search engine
  • Assist operational teams with a daily arrivals list highlighting important guests
  • Highly targeted marketing actions for maximum conversion rate
  • Traceability and Data Security (GDPR)

Key features

Guest satisfaction

Help your guests prepare for their stay, streamline their arrival, ensure their satisfaction and personalise their experience.

Centralised administration

Facilitate management of all properties, directed by either the HQ or individual establishments. A dashboard possible to view in a collective mode or by establishment.

Personalised content

Personalise content for guests based on guest profiles or geolocation to target your marketing actions more effectively.

Customer support

We offer dedicated support for each client available 7 days a week.

Guest data

Collect qualified data on your guests before they even arrive. Guest files are automatically updated with their contact details, preferences, interests, etc.

Influencer tracking

Guest Profile retrieves the social network profiles of your guests in order to find possible influencers who have a large audience. These profiles are sent to you automatically before their arrival so that you can give them an appropriate welcome.


No other tool allows you to combine so many customer criteria in your searches: Satisfaction, number of stays, duration, type, influence, etc. This allows for sophisticated guest segmentation, enabling you to send your guests highly personalised recommendations.

Guest retention

Show your regular guests the hospitality they deserve. Your receptionists, concierge and guest relation managers will never miss a guest who has stayed with you before.

Taking notes

Easily add notes to guest files to ensure that important information is communicated to all members of your teams.