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All the information to hand

A digital booklet for the event, accessible exclusively to the participants.

  • Photos, videos, links, hypertexts, make it so organisers can go one step further than a simple paper programme
  • Agenda, useful information, speakers, partners
  • Integration of your presentations (pdf, Powerpoint, etc.)

A real-time interaction tool

A direct messaging tool for the organisers and participants.

  • Enable organisers to communicate with the participants
  • Enable participants to chat with each other
  • Last minute changes: keep your guests informed with just a few clicks

Manage all your events easily

An intuitive platform for organisers.

  • All content can be modified in real-time
  • Weddings, seminars or conferences: the module adapts to every event type
  • Simple management for organisers without the involvement of the hotel or conference centre

Overview of our features

Guest data

Automatically collect data on participants. Update your customer files with contact details of potential guests.

Modify in real-time

Organisers can modify the content at any moment, significantly in the event of last minute changes.

Easy to use

A simple, easy to use tool. Its configuration makes creating the digital booklet extremely easy. Let the organisers take charge.


Quickly alert participants to any last-minute changes.


Presentation showing the date and time of each part of the event, also including useful information (description, location, documents).

Direct messaging

An instant messenger featuring translation tool and satisfaction surveys. Furthermore, organisers can communicate with participants and participants with each other, thanks to a mini social network dedicated to the event