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Pre-stay emails

85% of guests will open the e-mails you send them.

  • Preparation of stay, pre-checkin, queries, questionnaires, familiarisation with services offered and the team
  • Automatic sending: Save your teams time while making yourself more available to your guests
  • Decide exactly who receives your campaigns: guests from direct bookings, from OTAs, business, weekend, etc.

Emails during the stay

Remain available to your guests.

  • Never miss an unsatisfied guest again thanks to satisfaction surveys during the stay
  • Highlight your services and additional offers during the stay to boost revenues

Post-stay Emails

Keep your connected to your guests.

  • Enable them to book their next stay directly
  • Encourage them to recommend your establishment


Follow in real-time the ROI of your campaigns.

  • Open rate, response rate, generated revenue, contact details – in general or by campaign
  • Complete tracability of each e-mail sent and each guest request

Overview of our features

Increase revenues

Increase your additional revenues with pre-stay upselling. Each email sent generates between 1 and 4€ of additional revenue.

Automated sending

No need for manual input. Your campaigns will be sent automatically on a daily basis to each group of guests concerned.


Personalise content and forms in a number of powerful ways based on guest profile and type of content.

Guest data

Collect qualified data on your guests before they even arrive. Guest files are automatically updated with their contact details, preferences, interests, etc.


Campaigns that are created and modified extremely easily. Add and delete elements in just one click. Content can be modified at any time up until it is sent.


Emails presented elegantly with highlighted content. Responsive e-mails that adapt to the device screen to ensure the look is always optimal.