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Online shift handovers and log books

A modern and electronic version of the Duty Manager Book, also known as the “shift handover” or “log book”, to replace your old paper notebooks

  • Cloud based: accessible anytime, anywhere via a secure connection
  • Real-time update
  • Check, pin and update entries 
  • Attach photos and files

Checklists and automatic reminders

Replace your paper format checklists with fully configurable electronic checklists & manage very easily all your reminders; taxis, wake-up calls, deliveries, and so on …

  • Highly customisable checklist
  • Powerful recurring options
  • Real time notification when a reminder is due 
  • Full user history

Knowledge base, documents and Standard Operating Procedures

Centralise all your important documents in the intranet to have them easily accessible. Request electronic signatures for your Standard Operating Procedures.

  • Manage links, documents and files 
  • Electronic signatures
  • Integration with third-party cloud storage services

Live dashboards

Replace your old printed spreadsheet with Dmbook Pro’s dashboard module, to get statistics and useful indicators such as trend and goal completion!

  • Track your KPIs
  • Monitor target and evolution

Maintenance issues, guest requests tracking and ticket management

A ticketing system to manage maintenance tickets, but also lost & founds, complaints, suggestions, and so on. 

  • Track and follow (Guest request, maintenance issues, lost & found items…)
  • Discuss topic internally, assigned task to team members
  • Attached relevant documents and pictures
  • Powerful project management tool

The benefits of Dmbook


A simple and easy-to-use tool. No training required for your colleagues. You have control of everything to customise Dmbook to match your operations.

100% mobile

Access the platform from anywhere thanks to our mobile application. Say goodbye to the moments of panic on your way home, thinking you forgot to pass on important information!

Centralised communication

Drastically reduce the amount of internal emails. All information is gathered and organised on a single platform accessible to all.

Permission system

Control who has access to which information. Securely and easily integrate your partners into Dmbook (accountant, technician, sub-contractor, etc.)

Analyse your problems

Thanks to our keyword system, you have access to concrete solutions to your problems. Gone are the days of feelings and estimates, you know exactly how often and when an issue occurs.

Quick search

Thanks to our search engine, find information or a procedure in your Dmbook in just a few seconds.