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Explanation and reassurance

Send highly personalised messages 

  • Unlimited multi-criteria scenarios
  • Content automatically adapted according to customer profile
  • Be relevant and helpful to each of your guests

Booking of services

Offer the services that interest each guest

  • Easily generate upsell automatically on every booking
  • In a few clicks, your guests can add an airport transfer or breakfast in bed.

Pre-check-in online

Retrieve valuable information from your guests without them leaving the  comfort of their own homes.

  • Collect the personal details of customers who have booked through an OTA type channel.
  • Ask for the time of arrival to better plan the work of the reception desk.

Mobile banking pre-authorisation

Ensure that pre-authorisation is taken directly from your guests’ mobile phone.

  • Reassure them about the use of credit card pre-authorisation, it is only debited at the end of the stay.
  • Payment is guaranteed
  • No payment to be made at the Reception, everything is already done securely online

Policy form on mobile

Allow your clients to complete and sign the policy form directly on their mobile before arriving at the establishment.

  • No queue at Reception on arrival
  • No double entry of information, if the guest has already completed the pre-check-in form, the policy form is completed automatically.
  • The information is updated in the guest files of the CRM.
  • Signed forms can be retrieved and exported online at any time.

Arrival at the hotel

Help your guests access your establishment

  • SMS or WhatsApp reminder of the address of the establishment
  • Explanation of arrival procedure and necessary documents
  • Reminder of check-in time

Management of arrivals and departures

The receptionist consults each client’s check-in and check-out progress in real time.

  • The status of each arrival and departure is clearly visible.
  • At a glance, the receptionist knows that all check-in and check-out procedures are carried out and that the key can be handed over. They can directly see each guest’s upgrades and extras and what they should be charged for. 
  • Within the same interface Reception can send personalised messages to each guest to ensure a quality, personalised service.

Mobile key

The room key is digitised on the guest’s smartphone.

  • No management and cleaning of hotel cards
  • Personalised dispatch to each guest according to the arrival date
  • The LoungeUp platform is compatible with most lock suppliers (Onity, AssaAbloy, Salto, Sesame…)

Messages during the stay

Make sure every guest has a wonderful stay

  • Manual or automatic sending via SMS, WhatsApp or chat 
  • Reminder of security measures
  • Presentation of information 
  • Highlighting the customer portal
  • Direct link to reception

Guest portal on mobile during the stay

Offer all your customers a portal where they can find all the information they need for their stay.

  • A digital room directory to accompany them
  • A chat room to talk directly with the receptionist
  • The map of all your services
  • Your recommendations for activities and restaurants in the area 
  • Digital press
  • Possible integration of the application on a tablet in the room

Room service or restaurant booking

Your guests can order room service or book dinner from their smartphone or computer.

  • Room service for breakfast, lunch or dinner, display the menu according to the time of order.
  • Room delivery or reservation of a table in the restaurant
  • Customisable form (special request, type of cooking, serving time, …)

Preparing for departure

Help your guests to complete their stay in the simplest way possible.

  • Reminder of the departure procedure
  • Payment of the stay by debit of the pre-authorised amount
  • Payment of extras without contact, on the registered credit card

Post-stay surveys

Gather your guests’ feedback on your performance

  • Easily customisable internal forms
  • Integration of your eReputation provider’s forms
  • Redirection to TripAdvisor or Google for gmail addresses


Dematerialising contact points as much as possible allows you to limit physical contact with your staff. Easily protect your guests and your teams.


Digitisation does not mean standardisation. The solution contains a powerful CRM that collects and segments all guest data in order to personalise messages and discounts offered to the guests.


Making guest interactions paperless should not be a headache for your guests or staff. The solution is designed to centralise customer requests and the database in a single platform.


The solution works on all mobile devices and adapts to the broadcasting medium (tablet, TV, kiosk, etc.).


Your guests are reassured and confident, everything is put in place to ensure they have the best possible stay.


Our support team will assist you, from implementation and training of your teams to your daily use by providing advice and best practices.