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A solution designed to take back control of guest relations that is simple to put in place

LoungeUp enables independent hotels to keep control over their customer relations and, above all, increase direct sales. We make hotels even more available to their guests, without the need to expand their resources

Suited to your means and easily personalised

Offer a stand-out service suited to your means, that has up until now been reserved only for large hotel chains.

The tool is quick to install and easily personalised to adapt to your establishment and generate immediate results.

Our teams work with hotels to help them ensure they get the best out of our solutions.

  • Hôtel Grandes Rousses

    "Our commitment to modernity caused us to decide to offer our guests the LoungeUp tool, enabling them to communicate with us and find information on the hotel and the Alpe d’Huez resort, even when outside the establishment on the slopes.

    Furthermore, with LoungeUp Emailing we can give our guests the opportunity before their stay to discover our special offers and benefit from tailored services, while also asking them to provide the administrative information needed for their arrival.

    Our best results have been measured for emails sent four days before the guest’s arrival, with a response rate of around 30% and a significant generated revenue."

    Céline Cayot
    Commercial Manager, Hôtel Grandes Rousses
  • Mercure Opéra Garnier

    " In terms of customer service the LoungeUp app enables us to stay close to our clients.
    The communication with our guests and the quality of our services are fundamental to stand out from the competition and LoungeUp helps us in this point of view.

    LoungeUp is a real interaction tool, it doesn't replace face-to-face communication but it allows us to exhibit and illustrate the explanations that we give to guests.

    LoungeUp allowed us to digitalize all our tourist information, to put it inside devices that are used every day by our guests.
    It is becoming more and more important to take care of our guests, wherever they are.

    LoungeUp offers a great deal of tourist information on Paris with a location system that means you can act as a guide to your guests on their trip.
    Facilitating the guest’s stay in ways such as this makes you stand out as a hotel."

    Marc Pillard
    Co-Manager, Mercure Opéra Garnier
  • Hôtel Astrid

    "Our guests need a great deal of information: restaurants, museums, opening hours, weather… All this can be found, but in different places!

    LoungeUp has helped us to group all this information together in a single application. A blessing for guests who like to be constantly connected, and a great help in creating guest loyalty and making us stand out.

    LoungeUp is continuously evolving and striving to create new models, such as the digital newsstand that enables guests to read the newspapers and magazines they wish for free.

    Not to mention an emailing service that enables us to give guests a personalised welcome, pre-check-in, or simply a quick way of finding the information they are looking for."

    Florence Guillet
    Directrice, Hôtel Astrid
  • Kanai Hôtel

    "An integral part of our quality of service approach, LoungeUp allows us to be all the more available to our guests. We can begin relations with our guests even before they arrive now, thanks to LoungeUp E-mailing.

    The guests are very grateful to be attended to so soon, and also make the most of ordering the additional services offered.

    As well as the quality of service this means, we also generate a revenue that could pay the subscription fee multiple times."

    Emmanuel Thebaux
    Owner, Hôtel Kanai
  • Biografy Group

    “ The idea is that guests find out about the hotel through LoungeUp before their stay, they can ask questions, browse restaurants, museums and outings, and contact our teams. LoungeUp is above all else a means of contact, a humanising tool that enables us to chat with our guests. "

    Romain Binet
  • Groupe Hôtel Toulon Bord de Mer

    "Being extremely satisfied with the application we installed in our hotels last year, we were naturally interested by the offer made to us of pre-stay emailing.

    The return rate is very good, it brings a real added value to customer support, and the revenue generated is not unsubstantial.

    Now that we use it daily, we can’t imagine being without it!"

    Marjolaine Levêque
    Commercial Manager, Groupe Hôtel Toulon Bord de Mer
  • Chavanel Hotel

    "Many of our guests appreciate and make the most of our restaurant recommendations and selection of popular shopping addresses among Parisians.
    The LoungeUp application enables us to offer advice to our guests in accordance with their budget and what it is they’re looking for.
    At the same time, it is a great way for us to showcase all our services (room service, boutique, etc.)."

    Sophie Charlet Melloul
    Manager, Chavanel Hotel
  • Sister Hotel

    "Thanks to LoungeUp, today when our guests connect to the WiFi they will discover our restaurant and others we have selected in Paris, and can furthermore ask us to reserve a table for them in just one click.
    Guests are all the more gratified when you respond to their requests in their own language.

    LoungeUp is currently available in eight languages including Chinese, so the awkward situation of a language barrier between the guest and the hotel team is avoided: this is another way by which we can take special care of our guests, and make ourselves even more available to them!

    All the services offered to guests through the solution act equally as opportunities to be in contact with them, and even to reinforce direct contact, including at reception. "

    Laetitia Lafosse
    Co-Manager, Sister Hotel Champs Elysées
  • Villa Augeval

    "With LoungeUp Emailing, we are able to contact our guests before the stay, notably with a very human word of welcome, direct access to our application and the possibility to order our services in advance (champagne welcome, upgrade, etc.).

    In just over a month of using the service, we have already generated over 2,700€ of additional revenues.

    Our guests also appreciate the summary of useful information for their arrival, and the opportunity to ask us their questions.
    They are satisfied already even before they arrive!

    We are able to manage the automatic send of emails easily from the BackOffice. The platform is intuitive and easy to use - our team has taken to it already!"

    Sandrine Montier
    Manager, Villa Augeval
  • Hôtel Les Jardins d'Eiffel

    "We're very satisfied with the LoungeUp application and have already recommended it to our friends in the industry."

    Véronique Courjault
    Directrice, Les Jardins d'Eiffel
  • Madison Hôtel

    "What I like most about LoungeUp is the satisfaction surveys - this is a great feature.
    When the guest arrives at the hotel, they can tell us their first impression straight away.

    For a hotel manager, this could not be more useful. Clients will always need contact with my staff.

    In the future their role will be to accompany more clients by advising more with more precision. That is how LoungeUp will be complementing my staff. "

    Caroline Demon
    General Manager, Madison Hôtel

    "LoungeUp has allowed us to set up a complete guest journey which starts from the very moment of reservation until after their stay. And has also allowed us to put in place additional sales, to capture guests who come via OTA's then to win their loyalty.

    And finally, effectively collect a maximum amount of data to reuse intelligently and to be able to continuously personalise the welcome.

    Generally the results are very positive, we have excellent guest feedback, teams immediately took to it and are more available and effective.

    This allowed us to make additional sales and to reinforce our image of an independent and innovative hotel group.

    We are always available to listen and eager to try new developments that LoungeUp offer us."

    Stéphanie Batten
    Director General
  • Hôtel Le Littré

    "Our guests’ satisfaction has always been our prime occupation, as we believe it is the best way to secure their loyalty.
    We find that their expectations are changing, and that they increasingly want to be able to access our services and recommendations at any moment.

    LoungeUp enables us to respond to their expectations by being available to them whenever they want.
    The pre-stay welcome e-mail that we have just put in place is a great opportunity to get to know our guests better, and therefore improve the service we offer them."

    France Claque
    Commercial and Marketing Director, Le Littré

Some of our other clients

Key functionalities for independant and franchised hotels

Completely configurable

The tool adapts perfectly to the specific nature of your hotel. Offer content personalised in accordance with guest profiles or even geolocation (using iBeacon).


A service available as an App (iOS and Android) and Webapp (without need for download, directly through your Wi-Fi), accessible to all your guests whether they are on a smartphone, tablet or PC.

Digital newsstand

Offer a wide selection of newspapers and magazines available for unlimited download during the stay, directly onto their mobile devices.

Guest satisfaction

Help your guests prepare for their stay, streamline their arrival, ensure their satisfaction and personalise their experience.

Increased revenues

Boost your revenues by selling your services and activities. With order modules it becomes easy for clients to make reservations.

Interactive map

All your recommendations available on a map that can be accessed even offline, with the possibility of creating routes and selection filters (restaurants, tourist destinations, events, bars, etc.)


Automatic qualified data collection for your guest files: contact details, e-mail addresses, preferences, centres of interest, user statistics, requests, orders… Make the most of this information in your next targeted marketing campaigns.


Break the language barrier with an application that carries more than eight different languages. The instant messenger is integrated with a translation tool for your guests who speak neither English nor French.


Highlight personalised content in correspondence with guest preferences and centres of interest, with no manual input necessary. Promote your activities, offers and services,  coupled with push notifications for maximum visibility.