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We are continuously in search of talent, for both the business side and the technical side of LoungeUp.

We hire interns and full-time employees who share the following qualities: strong motivation, an innovative spirit, passion for teamwork, excellent communication skills, international experience. The “technical” positions are based in Toulouse and the “business” positions in Paris, Singapore, Mauritius and Morocco.

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LoungeUp is above all a human venture. The whole team is passionate about the products we develop, as well as our clients’ businesses.

We do not recruit people for their degrees, but rather for who they are. We consider how they could integrate with the team and what they could bring to it.

LoungeUp has the spirit and atmosphere of a start-up, but also many clients and a real plan for how to achieve our vision.
We make innovation a priority, and are always looking for new ways to bring hotels closer to their guests.

Mathieu Pollet

Co-founder & CEO

Paris, France