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Created in 2012, LoungeUp has since become the leading player in Europe with over 1,800 establishments already using the solution.

LoungeUp’s mission is to provide the best technological solutions to help professionals streamline their guest’s journey and put them at the centre of the establishment’s activity. The LoungeUp team is always responsive to the needs of clients, its priorities being to ensure their satisfaction and to constantly innovate.

Mathieu Pollet
Co-founder & CEO

After twelve years in the software industry and Cloud Computing industry, notably at McLaren Software where he was in charge of product strategy and of service management for the whole group, Mathieu embarked upon the creation of LoungeUp with Lionel Tressens. He was in charge of all strategic and operational aspects of LoungeUp and in particular of successfully deploying LoungeUp among its customers.

Lionel Tressens
Co-founder & CTO

Previously CTO of Overblog (30M+ unique visitors), the first blogging platform in Europe, Lionel is in charge of all the technical aspects of LoungeUp. His experience in installing a platform with such a great volume of users is extremely beneficial to LoungeUp’s clients.

And together a team
LoungeUp is also a technical, commercial and marketing team, and a team of customer support...

made up of Hannah, Romain, Daniel, Victor, Eva, Maxime, Fabien, Nicolas, Robert, Minhtri, Julien, Julien Jr., Julien III, Martin, Edward, Giuseppe, Pierre, Julie, Arnaud, Sébastien, Anthony, Yauric, Victor, Rebecca, Grégoire, Nathan, Alexandre, Yassir, Henry, Paul, Joanne, Agnes, Conor, Héloise, Roy, Yoan, Remi, Kevin, Nicolas, Siobhan, Giselle, Thibault and Marylou, all of whom have been a part of and continue to be a part of this exciting adventure.