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What to expect at Equip’Hotel 2012

Equip’Hotel is a biennial Paris-based trade exhibition for the hospitality sector. Attracting over 100,000 visitors, it has been running for over 51 editions. Companies come from all parts of the globe to exhibit their products and services.   A MORE INTERNATIONAL EXPERIENCE  Equip’Hotel has been carefully boosting its international stature in recent years, and this…


Joyeux anniversaire!

Last Friday, we put on our party hats, pulled our party poppers and blew out the candles on the cake. Why? It was officially LoungeUp’s first birthday! On October 26 2011, Mathieu and Lionel decided to launch LoungeUp, your mobile hospitality solution, after months of careful consideration and planning. They set out to improve the…


Relax! Hotel spas are a great investment

The hotel spa is an element of the hospitality industry that is undergoing significant transformation and renaissance at the moment. Luxury hotels regularly spend jaw-dropping sums of money to construct state of the art spa solutions with all manner of facilities, such as mud baths and salt-infused meditation rooms. With the tourism industry beginning to…


4 Ways iPhone 5 Will Affect The Hotel Industry

On 17 September, Apple announced that pre-orders of its new iPhone 5 had topped 2 million units in just 24 hours. By the end of the year, the circulation of handsets running iOS will be greater than ever before, with the current figure estimated to be at around 400 million. So, considering the importance of…


The importance of TripAdvisor (and others)

Peer-to-peer reviews have become increasingly important in recent years, to the extent that half of travellers will not book a stay before consulting an online review site ( A study claimed that up to 87% of the 2,000 hotel review readers questioned said the reviews had a ‘significant influence on their purchase decisions’. (Zhang, Ye,…

Children mobile telephone....Children with mobile telephone. 5yr old Iona Jones (model released, consent for full publication) posed with a mobile phone. Posed by model.
Photo by Ian Jones.

What the ‘Me’ generation means for hotels

According to all sources, the ‘Me’ Generation (1981-90) is hitting the consumer scene in a big way. What’s their major feature? They’re self-interested. This is not in a selfish way, many argue, but merely due to the environment they have been exposed to throughout their lives.  As one of the first generations of the 20th…


The Hotel Wi-Fi

Internet access in hotels has increasingly become the subject of debate amongst frequent travellers, who complain about excessive charges. Most frustrating of all, as Le Figaro affirms, is that it is often the more higher end hotels that add internet connection charges to an already hefty bill. So why do they do this? This isn’t…


What’s new at LoungeUp?

We have been relatively quiet until now, but with the new year, we made a big resolution: let’s get out of our cave and offer up some news. By the way, what is LoungeUp? LoungeUp is a platform that enables hotels to create a virtual concierge portal that operates on their customers’ mobile devices. Specifically,…