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Don’t forget your Wi-Fi

— 6 min read —   With Wi-Fi becoming an increasingly indispensable factor in everyday life, it is no surprise that its desirability is mirrored in the hospitality sector; as hotels strive to provide the best possible stay for guests, this topic has always been of interest in this industry. If we rewind three years…


The 10 things every in-destination hotel app must have

— 8 min read —   It’s not easy for hotels these days. Not only do they have to battle against the dominance of OTAs for the loyalty of their guests, but the technological revolution has made it increasingly difficult for hoteliers to communicate with a type of traveler who now prefers to find information…


Isn’t it time for some personalization?

According to internal analysis carried out by the CRM agency Boxever, converting what is known as ‘Big Data’ collection into personalized marketing has generated a 20% increase in conversion rates and a 5% increase in revenue per week for airlines and OTAs. Data is everywhere – everyday each one of us creates our own unique…


Who are the millennials?

— 5 min read — The millennials in short, are those who are going to define the very future of the travel industry over the next couple of years. Born between 1980 and 1999, they have grown up with technology be it computer games, DVDs and are used to the vast wealth the Internet has…


HAPPY 2015 from LoungeUp!

Here are the 3 major changes facing the hotel industry in the New Year 2015 has arrived and Online Travel Agencies now boast a stronghold of around 20% of the room booking market compared to the meager 1% they held in 2000, their growth showing no sign of slowing as we enter the New Year.…


The Seven Signature Moves of the ‘Silent Traveler’

— 9 min read —    We live in a world where technology unequivocally rules. Be it at a music concert, standing outside Le Louvre or witnessing a global event, smartphones and tablets are everywhere, constantly communicating experience and are here to stay. The speed with which technology moves forward is increasing at an almost…


iBeacons will revolutionise the hospitality industry

— 6 min read —   One of the most exciting developments in retail technology in recent years, the iBeacon is Apple’s take on the widespread BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) beacon present in Android 4.3 which introduced the Low Energy Bluetooth APIs and has also been integrated into all iPhone models since the 4S. Essentially,…


Hotels: take control of your in-destination services, before an OTA does

Amongst the travel industry recently there have been many murmurings about the direction in which OTAs, metasearch and large travel review sites are headed in next. Such companies would typically include Priceline (who owns, Agoda and other majoy booking websites), TripAdvisor and Expedia, who are already expanding their dynasties into the wider travel space to…


8 Convincing Reasons Why Your Hotel Needs An App

Did you know that 87% of travellers travel with a smartphone? (Source: TripAdvisor) Well, it kind of makes sense when you think that There are more iPhones bought than babies born every day.  (Source: TNW) Yep. And if you’re a hotel you cater to babies, right? You have cots ready for your guests. So why aren’t you catering…