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Press Review Hospitality & Technology #October2020


What today’s travellers want in their accommodation – Expedia Group

As Expedia look toward recovery, they are working to understand how travellers are thinking about leisure travel in the time of COVID-19 – their preferences, expectations of travel brands, and behaviours. They recently conducted a sentiment study with research experts to understand what is driving the decisions of today’s travel shoppers.


Co-working: How hotels are reinventing themselves – Accor

7 out of 10 employees at Accor want and believe that the global pandemic will profoundly change work habits – the remote working revolution has begun. At Accor, they saw this movement coming, which gave our brands and hotels time to adapt by creating spaces that are lively, flexible, community-based and creative, while also accessible and practical, filling the increasingly present need for a more harmonious work-life balance. pursues domestic growth, downplays “connected trip” strategy – PhocusWire’s mission has been to “make it easier for everyone to experience the world” – but at least for the foreseeable future, that may need to be edited to “make it easier for everyone to experience their corner of the world.” With the COVID-19 pandemic still a threat in numerous countries, and many cross-border travel restrictions still in place, the global online travel agency is adjusting its priorities and its product to meet the needs of customers that are primarily travelling close to home.


You may soon be staying in this futuristic hotel – Forbes

Spurred by the COVID-19 pandemic, a group of 325 hotel industry executives coordinated by The Gettys Group, a Chicago-based design, development and consulting firm, have been meeting since June to brainstorm hotel innovations. The global think tank called The Hotel of Tomorrow Project includes operators, designers, manufacturers and owners from Four Seasons, Hilton, IHG and Marriott. These five ideas were deemed to have the most potential.


How hotels will change post-pandemic – eInsights

The Coronavirus pandemic is changing everything about how we live, enjoy the best getaways, and even travel. Airlines aren’t the only side of the travel industry that is being hit by the pandemic. Hotels and other accommodations are also straining until it’s safe to travel again. While some are still operational and even providing rooms for first responders and those in need, others have remained closed due to the pandemic.


Travel Industry Must Consider Offering Contactless Payment – GBTA

COVID-19 has brought contactless payment to the forefront in the corporate world, with more businesses understanding that these advances will need to be adopted quickly to get people more comfortable with getting back on the road safely. 


Virtuoso Shares Travel Trends, Most Anticipated Destinations – Luxury Travel Advisor

A survey of Virtuoso’s travel agency members forecasts leisure travel bookings to return and stabilise in six months to a year. Additional insights shared by Virtuoso travel advisors include: Across all regions, domestic beach/island destinations and ocean cruises make up the majority of new bookings and flexible cancellation or rebooking policies are far by the most important factor for clients when booking international trips, ahead of both cleaning and safety protocols and the COVID-19 infection rate in the destination.


Where is travel-tech headed in the post-pandemic era? – Mashable India 

The perennial shift to the digital workplace and the end of corporate travel as a lot of experts have predicted, this is what everyone is calling the new normal. Now, as the fear of the second wave grips, it is expected to remain so for the foreseeable future. An obvious impact of such disruptions is visible on the sectors that rely on the physical infrastructure, especially the sectors such as hospitality. So, what will be the way forward for the same?


Wyndham Hotels’ Routine Mobile App Upgrade Turns Out to be Not so, well, Routine – Skift 

Based on the major upgrades to Wyndham’s mobile app, drive-to travel and contactless hotel experiences are here to stay. While Wyndham’s upgraded mobile app may seem like it is only catching up to what other brands like Hilton already offer, but it is a significant tech move ahead for the select-service and economy scale of the hotel market.



Fauchon hotel’s sweet ties to gastronomy brand – Hotels Mag 

“Fauchon is a gastronomic fashion brand and just as any couture big name, it constantly evolves”, says Jérôme Montantème, general manager of the 54-room Hôtel Fauchon, a few yards from where Auguste Fauchon, then 30, opened his first fine foods store, in 1886 on Place de la Madeleine, in the centre of Paris.



The travel industry will survive COVID-19, but with big changes – Fast Company

Fast Company asks the business leaders of Hyatt, Airbnb, Kayak and more to share their inside perspectives on how the COVID-19 era is transforming their industries. Here’s what’s been lost – and and what could be gained – in the new world order.



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