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Press Review Hospitality & Technology #April2020



Booking CEO In the Letter To Employees: “It is Going To Get Worse Before It Gets Better” – Idaho Reporter

Booking Holdings one of the largest online travel agencies (OTA) and second biggest in U.S. market after Expedia, is taking the measures to save cash during the travel meltdown caused by coronavirus outbreak. In the Letter to employees from March 23, 2020 Booking CEO Glenn Fogel talks about cutting non-essential business travel, implementing a general hiring freeze company-wide until further notice, internal company events and offsites and dramatically reducing marketing spend worldwide.


China Sees Uptick in Flight Searches and Bookings – PhocusWire

Travel data provider ADARA is seeing a rebound in searches and bookings for flights to and within China, the first country impacted by the COVID-19 coronavirus. Compared to bookings in early January, the majority (58%) of purchases in recent weeks are being made for travel in the next 15 days. In early January, just 38% of flights were purchased in that short-term booking window. And a much higher percentage of current bookings are for business travel – 38% versus 20% in early January.


Some Asia Hotels Roll Out Quarantine Packages for Travelers Looking to Self-Isolate – Skift

The growing need for quarantine facilities across Asia offers a silver lining for hotels struggling with low occupancies. It goes to show that even in drastic times, opportunities exist. As countries in Asia impose stricter entry requirements on foreign visitors amid a new wave of imported coronavirus infections, hotels in the region are seeing unexpected opportunities as quarantine lodgings for travelers and workers seeking self-isolation venues.


How to Be a Hospitality Sales Leader During Covid-19 – Hsmai

By Christopher Durso, Vice President of Content Development, Hospitality Sales & Marketing Association International. The theme of HSMAI’s Spring Curate 2020 was going to be “Leadership in Changing Times,” and while the event is canceled the theme is more relevant than ever.


Marketing During a Crisis. Back Off But Don’t Disappear – Travel Weekly

The coronavirus crisis has thrown travel marketing departments into disarray as they navigate a world in which travel is stalled indefinitely, borders are being closed and the public is being asked to hunker down. Marketing experts offer different takes on how brands should react in terms of scaling back and adjusting their message, but most seem to agree that falling off their target market’s radar is not a good option.


Marriott CEO Wonders Whether Aggressive Cost Cutting Will Hurt Recovery – Skift

Will hotel direct-booking campaigns be in play after the coronavirus crisis? That’s a side issue that online travel agencies and hotels would love to have to deal with at some point. In the interim, they are facing more existential questions. t’s the gut-wrenching question that countless businesses both inside and outside of the travel industry are grappling with — how many employees do you furlough or lay off, and how deep should the cost-cutting incision be?


Google’s Travel Search Now Highlights Travel Advisories and Airline Cancellation Policies – Travelcrunch

Google today announced a small but important addition to its travel search site on both mobile and desktop. When you search for flights, hotels and activities, the site will now highlight active travel advisories for your destination. In addition, now that most airlines have changed their flight change and cancellation policies in light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, Google has added to the flight results page a direct link to your airline’s policies, too.


We Can’t Let Technology Replace Hospitality – Travel Weekly

Millennials want a seamless hotel “swipe and sleep” accommodation. And then again, sometimes not. Boomers want a seasoned concierge to greet and guide them through their stay. And then again, sometimes not. In an era when technology, demographic shifts and online platforms are roiling the hospitality industry, hotels seeking to ensure customer loyalty need to navigate a broad spectrum of guest expectations.


Youth And Student Travel Sector Looks To Previous Crises For Coronavirus Recovery Clues – PhocusWire

Drawing on its experiences of the financial crisis in 2008-09, the World Youth Student and Educational Travel Confederation (WYSE) points to characteristics of the sector such as longer stays, higher – as well as local – spend that helped it rebound in the past. In its latest analysis of the business impact of COVID-19, WYSE says that although every crisis is different, long-term youth and student travel was less impacted by the financial crash than international tourism.



10 Examples Of Customer Experience Innovation In Hospitality – Forbes

If the entire goal of customer experience is to make customers’ lives better and easier, the hospitality industry takes it to the next level. As modern guests travel, both for business and pleasure, they want to have their needs met to have a personalized and seamless experience. Modern guests want to be engaged, heard, empowered and delighted by hotels. When a guest feels the hotel understands them, they are 13% more likely to stay there again. The majority of hotel visitors want to experience new technology and are even willing to give up traditional amenities like a business center or fitness center to get it.