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Press Review Hospitality & Technology #March2020



Designing A Hotel With Technology At Its Heart – HospitalityNet

Thourghout the last 10+ years, there has been a new type of hotel emerge. A hotel that brings forward the idea of “Affordable Luxury”. In fact, that very statement was coined by the innovative hotel chain CitizenM. Since CitizenM burst onto the European scene in 2008/2009 with their first hotel in Amsterdam, they have grown considerably, every hotel centred around the idea of affordable luxury.


Expedia To Stop ‘Doing Dumb Things– Hotel Management

Expedia Group said that it had re-focused the company on core operations after the group “had suffered for much of 2019” and could remove some of its brands in selected territories. Chairman Barry Diller said that this would mean shifting from “wasteful activities that weren’t core to our business to actually driving sustained growth, from every brand working in silos around the world to one strategy on marketing, and geographies across all of our brands…”


10 Examples Of Customer Experience Innovation In Hospitality – Forbes

If the entire goal of customer experience is to make customers’ lives better and easier, the hospitality industry takes it to the next level. As modern guests travel, both for business and pleasure, they want to have their needs met to have a personalized and seamless experience. Modern guests want to be engaged, heard, empowered and delighted by hotels. When a guest feels the hotel understands them, they are 13% more likely to stay there again. The majority of hotel visitors want to experience new technology and are even willing to give up traditional amenities like a business center or fitness center to get it.


How Security, Privacy, and Trust Can Help Travel Brands Offer a More Human Experience – Skift

To deliver the richer, more fulfilling experiences that travelers crave, travel brands depend on a growing cache of customer data. More data can mean more opportunities to deliver an elevated human experience, personalized to each traveler’s needs and wants. But many brands are opaque about just what data they are collecting, and customers often don’t have any way to know how it may be used, how well it is secured, and what, if any, control they have over their personal information. Hence, the trust that travelers place in the industry is at risk, which ultimately could impact their travel choices.


4 Trends To Watch For As Industry Evolves – Hotel Management

Settling in to 2020, it is clear that innovation in hospitality and real estate is happening at a pace not seen since the rise of Marriott and Hilton. The big question is whether today’s innovative, grow-at-all-costs companies (WeWork, OYO, Sonder, etc.) will flame out quickly or create the foundation of a new generation of companies that will change the trajectory of consumer experiences in buildings for decades to come. It’s an exciting time to be a customer and somewhat unsettling to be an owner.


How blockchain is reinventing travel loyalty programs for both brands and consumers – Phocuswire

According to the latest Bond Brand Loyalty Report, memberships across industries continue to rise and now average 14.8 per person. But – considering total global spend on loyalty programs is estimated to be $323 billion in 2019 – a more critical statistic is: on average people are active in less than half (6.7) of the programs they belong too. More often than not, loyalty programs do not drive loyal behavior.



NASA’s Private Space Travel Module Designed by Philippe Stark set to Launch in 2024 – dlmag

Last year NASA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic Apollo 11 mission which marked a giant leap for mankind. Now, five decades hence, the space agency is gearing up for another adventure in the low-earth orbit. The government agency has collaborated with Houston, Texas-based start-up Axiom Space to develop a module that will be home to private space explorers wanting to spend quality time in the outer bounds of planet earth.



Hotel CRM, The Customer Relationship Management Tool Par Excellence – Blog

CRM software does exactly what it promises to do: manage customer relations. It is sometimes (wrongly) regarded as a simple emailing tool, or a solution for managing business proposals. In actuality, it is a combination of tools and connections which manage all of the hotel’s interactions with each guest through different channels.




Photo Credits: Max Pixels