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Press Review Hospitality & Technology #January2020


Hotels With Cool Tech For the Business Traveler – TechRepublic

These brands offer helpful tools and gadgets for a smooth-running stay for guests. You’d rather be home. You’re exhausted. You need to be on your game. It’s a business trip. Thanks to the infusion of helpful tech into hotels across the world, a dreary work trip might not be too bad. More hotels are bringing helpful tools in to cater to business guests.


Trends In Training: Simulating Engagement With Tech – Hotel Online

The hospitality industry is incorporating more and more technology to facilitate employee training in different departments and levels. Virtual reality, augmented reality and simulation software are just some examples. It is a frequently used term in the rapidly-changing field of educational technology. For a teacher, innovation has many meanings.

3 Hospitality Wireless Trends to Watch in 2020 – Hotel Management

This past year has seen technology play a larger role in not only hotel operations, but the overall guest experience. As we close the book on 2019 and look ahead to the new year, several key wireless trends are emerging that will shape the industry in 2020 and beyond.


Expedia’s 23-Year Evolution in Online Travel – Skift

Pioneering travel technology company Expedia is undergoing a huge change in leadership, as former CEO Mark Okerstrom and former Chief Financial Officer Alan Pickerill announced their resignations Wednesday. Launched in the 1990s, Expedia soon became one of the first successful online travel agencies, acting as a business model for legions of travel sites that came afterward.


Research Shows Credit Card Data Theft on the Rise – Hotel Management

Kaspersky’s research of a year-long attack on the hospitality sector confirmed that more than 20 hotels in Latin America, Europe and Asia have fallen victim to targeted malware attacks. As a result, travelers’ credit card data, including information received from online travel agencies, is at risk of being stolen and sold to cybercriminals worldwide.



Mapping the Hotel Guest Journey – Blog [Infographic]

A traveller’s journey consists of a number of touchpoints, each representing an opportunity for the hotelier to create a unique relationship with their guest. Find in this infographic and article the software solutions that guests use on the various stages of the travel journey including hotel technology software providers.