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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #April2019



Profiting From Prearrival – Hotel Online

Every hotelier knows that tech-enabled personalization is crucial to the future success of one’s brand. In reality, though, these customized experiences are very difficult to put in place, often requiring complex software integrations, significant CapEx and a fully trained team – both at the supervisor and frontline levels – to properly act upon any insights or recommendations gleaned from a unified CRM.


Incremental Room Revenues Start at Pre-Arrival – e Hotelier

In the past few years, we’ve witnessed incredible advances to the hotel experience as properties continue to leverage current hospitality trends like personalization, wellness programs and local partnerships, to name three. But with all of these trends aimed at improving the onsite guest experience, there’s a huge missed opportunity – enhancing the level of interaction before the guest arrives.



How To Win Travelers in The Age of Assistance – Think with Google

Today’s consumers can get what they want, when they want. As a result, they’re more curious, demanding, and impatient than ever before. As this shift expands across purchasing behaviors, we’re seeing changes take flight in the travel industry too. Enabled by technology, travelers have greater expectations for assistance. When they need information or have a question, they’re looking for assistive experiences that are useful, personal, and frictionless.


Hospitality Digital Technology: Challenges, Priorities and Buzzwords – Hotel Technology News

To reduce friction and lower costs and vendor management efforts, evaluate and select a cloud-based distribution technology vendor that provides all three capabilities: WBE with proven user experience (UX) record, CRS, and Channel Manager, naturally with a two-way API tom your property’s PMS.


Luxury Hotels: What’s Their Digital IQ? – Hotel Online

In response to existential threats posed by disruptors like Airbnb and Google, luxury hotels continue to grow digitally through reinforced loyalty programs, digital visibility and content production efforts and differentiating technologies on their online or on-property experiences.



Reality check: Airbnb still has a long way to go after HotelTonight – Phocuswire

PhocusWire was the first industry publication breaking the news last week that Airbnb was acquiring online travel agency HotelTonight. In my view, this is another step on Airbnb’s warpath to turning itself into a full-blown online travel agency. But, we have to ask: Why does Airbnb want and need to become an OTA?



Police Registration Forms: Administrative Nightmare or a Commercial Opportunity? – LoungeUp

3 benefits of turning digital for your hotel – The hotel registration form or ‘individual police form’ is a document that attests the identity of a person who has stayed in tourist accommodation (hotel, residence, bed and breakfast, campsite, …) or in furnished accommodation rented to holidaymakers. How to turn this tedious task into an asset for the hotel?



Special: Digitalization in the hotel– Hotel Objekte

Effective communication between you and your guests. LoungeUp is a guest relationship management platform designed for tourist accommodation providers to increase their revenue and improve their guest satisfaction through the smart use of data. The Guests feel accompanied throughout their whole journey: They have access to a complete travel guide designed to allow them to make the most of their stay; pain points are relieved…



How smart rooms can transform hotel brands – Hotel Management

Smart rooms can provide efficiencies in terms of less wasted water or electricity. They can also reduce the need for staff members to perform tasks that can be moved to automated “smart” systems. These cost savings are great for the bottom line, but there’s a bigger benefit at work. When smart rooms and automation are implemented properly, they can help a hotel’s brand in unexpected ways.