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★ LoungeUp Success Stories: 1er Etage

Serge Topolanski, Co-founder – 1er Etage

1er Etage Sopi


In 2015, when we met LoungeUp at Equip’Hotel trade show, I was looking for an App type solution to communicate with my guests. I fell straightaway on the right product, we quickly started talking, and embarked on the adventure.

We have two main uses. One is communication and the other information. Information: everything about the establishment, everything concerning our restaurant recommendations, taking taxi reservations. Communication: in pre-stay we send out information a little more precise about what will happen on arrival. Then during the stay: communication by messenger.

So we have these two elements: Communication / Information, which are used permanently as tools.


To successfully set up LoungeUp, you have to reflect on what you want to put in place, how you want to interact with guests.

Do not hesitate to ask LoungeUp for advice, they have dealt with many cases so they can give you information and similar examples.

And then, you must be prepared to invest a little bit of time, because in the long term, this will be useful.


I am very satisfied with the LoungeUp team. They are very nice, young and professional. They are proactive and always there to listen. So if we have any problems, or a suggestion, there is someone there who will take it into account, and who will try to develop the product, it’s very gratifying.

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