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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #March2019



How Smart Rooms can Transform Hotel Brands – Hotel Management

Smart rooms can provide efficiencies in terms of less wasted water or electricity. They can also reduce the need for staff members to perform tasks that can be moved to automated “smart” systems. These cost savings are great for the bottom line, but there’s a bigger benefit at work. When smart rooms and automation are implemented properly, they can help a hotel’s brand in unexpected ways.


Business Travelers Happy With Tech And Human Hybrid Approaches – Phocuswire

Business travelers are seeking a blend of digital solutions and human intervention, according to a report. The Travelport Digital Business Travelers Research 2019 reveals 57% are looking for “hybrid support” via Live Chat services. The survey also reveals that 40% of business travelers in the United Kingdom believe recommendations from travel consultants have the greatest influence on travel decisions in the planning and booking phase. Business travelers are also turning to digital services such as voice search, with 66% claiming they have used it to research a trip.


Who is the Hotel Guest of 2020? – Hotel Technology News

The hospitality industry is currently going through a period of significant change and will look very different in 2020. Ever-changing technology means that the expectations of hotel guests are constantly evolving. What technology will the hotels of the future need to adopt in order to deliver a top-quality guest experience?



Travel Megatrends 2019: Consolidation Creates Travel Brand Bullies – Skift

In a rush to scale, consolidated travel companies find themselves with outsized market share that often leads to muscling consumers to their advantage. With no good alternatives, how will travelers react to the pressure?


2019: The Year of Connectivity – Hotel Online

If there’s one buzzword for the hospitality industry this year, it’s “connectivity.” Hoteliers are helping travelers feel more connected than ever to their destination, from food and beverage programming to design to the brand itself. Here are three ways hoteliers can give their guests a truly special and authentic experience in the coming year, and beyond.


Why Coworking Is Coming to Hotels – Hotel Online

It’s not just offices that are adapting to new, flexible ways of working and an increasingly mobile workforce. Growing numbers of hotels are also looking to get involved in the flexible space boom, transforming underused spaces in communal areas or outdated business centers into modern, vibrant coworking spaces.



Here’s Why So Many Hotelliers are Upgrading Their Property Management Systems This Year – Hotel Technology News

Guests have always expected star treatment. They have always wanted to be treated like celebrities. This is particularly true of hotels and resorts in upscale categories. Today those guest expectations are through the roof. Guests now expect superior service, frictionless interactions, and personalized experiences throughout their stay, and anything less with simply not do.



Marriott Now Lets You Check If You’re a Victim Of The Starwood Hack – Tech Crunch

Hotel chain giant Marriott will now let you check if you’re a victim of the Starwood hack. The company confirmed to TechCrunch that it has put in place “a mechanism to enable guests to look up individual passport numbers to see if they were included in the set of unencrypted passport numbers.” That follows a statement last month from the company confirming that five million unencrypted passport numbers were stolen in the data breach last year.



When it Comes to Guest Personalization, Price is Only One Piece of the Puzzle – Phocuswire

If there’s one lesson that hoteliers can take away from services like Netflix, it’s that personalization truly pays off – both figuratively and in a more tangible, financial way. Hospitality is now more diverse than ever, due to a large offering in terms of accommodations, services and, more recently, even pricing. Personalization methods have evolved over the years, and it seems that we are now approaching a new type: the one of hotel pricing.