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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #November2018


Google Already Knows What You Did Next Summer – Bloomberg

The company’s new travel tools put the focus on artificial intelligence, helping to best predict what you’re going to love — no matter where you go. In the world of luxury travel, two superpowers currently prevail above all: personalization ad intuition. The better a hotel, app, or travel company can respond to users’ needs and desires — and ideally, predict them before they bubble up to the surface — the more likely they are to gain a loyal following.




Hotel Apps Expand to Give Guests More Control over their Stay – Daily Herald

Hilton’s Connected Room platform, being rolled out to its hotels this year, will allow hotel guests to use their Hilton Honors app to personalize and control every aspect of their stay from their mobile device. There’s a revolution going on in hotel loyalty apps.


The Deskless Front Desk – ehotelier

As technology continues to disrupt nearly every aspect of a hotel’s operations, one in particular that is about due to a serious upgrade is the front desk. Namely with the demand — and often the expectation — for mobile check-in as well as having a host of services readily available via a connected app, it would seem as those the entire front office is destined for extinction.




How to Attract Millenials to Book your Hotel: The 5-Step Plan – HospitalityNet

So by now we should all know that Millenials represent the largest consumer demographic group in the world today. And more importantly for the hotel sector, they love to travel. For these reasons, it is critical to the success of your hotel management strategy to appeal to the millennial market.




Booking Holdings Makes Major Pivot Toward Prepaid Hotel Bookings – Skift

It’s back to the future for Booking Holdings, which is pivoting to emphasize the prepaid hotel model that its Booking·com unit basically spurned for most of its history. This means better cash flow because consumers pay when they book, and higher commissions.


Hoberman: ‘Twenty Years after Founding lastminute·com Travel Is Still Trying to Do Simple Things’ – Travolution

The travel industry is still trying to achieve things today the dot com travel pioneer lastminute·com set out to do 20 years ago, according to its founder Brent Hoberman. “What we talked about back then still has not been done. And that was just the simple things. Personalisation has not really come to travel”, he said.




Checklist for Choosing your Hotel Software – Blog

Here are 7 important criteria to help you choose a software that won’t cause regret. These points should be verified with the publishers of the software that interests you, to make sure that the solution will correspond to your needs.