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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #February2018


This month, why human chat is better than chatbots, hotels that talk back are the future and what should be on your radar for 2018.


Why Human Hotel Chat is Better than Chatbots (Hotel News Resource)
If you were to call a hotel, which would you rather get: an automated system that spent fifteen minutes and eight side menus to get through without resolving your problem, or an actual person who can help you immediately? You’d choose the person, every time. Live chat is no different. Live chat with real, actual people will be superior than conversations with chatbots on the other side every single time. It may cost a little bit more to pay someone to handle the live chat, but it’s a cost that will provide a return on investment multiple times over.
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The Top 6 Hotel Tech Trends for 2018 (Hotel Management)
Hotels have renewed focus on technology to improve the guest experience and hotel operations, but what are the next big tech trends coming down the pike? Hotel Management interviewed Michael Blake, CEO of Hospitality Technology Next Generation, about the technology trends that are still in the works from 2017 and what will dominate in 2018.
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The Smart Hotel that Talks Back is The Future (EyeforTravel)
We identify some Dos and Don’ts from a new EyeforTravel report which finds that conversational interfaces have the potential to help hotels improve the guest experience and drive revenues too. Hotels are only just beginning to deploy chatbots and smart speakers, but these early experiments herald the beginning of a major shift in guest communications.
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Top 10 Luxury Hotels in Digital (L2)
Once replete with independant brands, the luxury hotel sector has consolidated drastically over the past two years. After absorbing previous sources of competition, Accor and Marriott enterprises face an immediate challenge in consolidating technology platforms and standardizing digital best practices. Meanwhile, smaller brands are fighting back with innovative initiatives like enhanced digital check-in, chat and text-based concierge services, and external partnerships that offer guests exclusive experiences.
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What Should Be on Your Radar For 2018? Leading Hoteliers Comment on the Year Ahead (80 Days)
2018 has arrived and with it, a fresh set of challenges for hoteliers. The overwhelming consensus from those we’ve spoken to is that 2017 was a buoyant year; rates and occupancy levels all moving in the right direction. An influx of hotel technology vendors has helped moved the industry forward and empowered hoteliers to start bridging the gap between their own systems and the advanced platforms that have enabled OTAs to forge ahead.
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