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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #January2018



This month, what to expect in technology in 2018, the hot topic of customer experience, and brand engagement with today’s digital travellers.


Technology And Travel: What to Expect in 2018 (ehotelier)
Every day, new and innovative technology is being developed in order to make hospitality an even more exciting, adventurous and tempting industry. In the 21st century, hoteliers have technology at their fingertips and this gives them a world of possibilities – it’s all about digitalisation. Now, it’s all about finding new ways of optimizing the guest journey and making hotels and destinations much more appealing to travellers than they were in the past.
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Are You Giving Your Guests a Room or an Experience? (GuestRevu Blog)
In the good old days, not any Tom, Dick or Harry could open a hotel. But times have changed. With a surge of alternative accommodation types such as services apartments and AirBnB, the competition for hotels has grown exponentially in the last five years. Enticing your guests to stay with you has become one of the biggest obstacles in the hotel industry, since guests now have a range of options available to them – many of which are far more affordable than a traditional hotel.
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Four Key Digital Trends Impacting Travel and Hospitality Brands (Econsultancy)
The end goal for travel and hospitality brands used to be securing a booking. Now, in an increasingly competitive market, many are placing a greater focus on securing the best all-round ‘experience’. In fact, this emphasis on customer experience is so high that it has now collectively overtaken customer acquisition as the biggest business prority in travel.
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Google Trips Takes a Baby Step Into Tours, Activities and Car Rental Offers (Skift)
Tours-and-activities startups will be eager to see if in-destination apps from giants such as Google, Airbnb, and TripAdvisor will succeed in providing cost-effective customer leads. Google publicly revealed that it had updated its free mobile itinerary-planning app Google Trips with a new “discounts” tab. It now offers between 5 and 25 percent off selected tours, activities, events, and car rentals in major destinations.
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Hotels Should “Adjust the Model” in Airbnb Battle (PhocusWire)
“Airbnb is coming for our kids,” hospitality and nightclub legend Ian Schrager has cautioned the industry in a major speech this week. When asked if hotels should be worried about the home sharing economy, Schrager notes that while the “gloves have come off” for some big hotel brands, overall the industry needs to stop being in denial about the disruption.
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Why Customer Experience Is (Rightly) Such a Hot Topic in Travel (Hospitalitynet)
Companies than anticipate and deliver what travellers want, when they want it, are more likely to command loyalty – and profits. In the age of the experience economy the quality of customer interactions at each stage of the path to purchase builds customer loyalty and advocacy. Both are closely aligned to profits.
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Brands Must Rethink Engagement With the New Digitally Connected Traveler (Skift)
Widespread digital connectivity has created a generation of travelers who are more impatient, demanding, and savvy than ever before. Travel brands must adapt to meet those needs. Travelers are using digital connectivity to plan, pay, and post about their adventures more than ever before. This connectivity gave traveler new levels of convenience, simplicity and knowledge.
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