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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #November



This month, how CRM can help you to create an unforgettable guest experience, Hilton’s aim to personalize bedrooms with technology and our guide on hotel software.


The power of CRM in creating an unforgettable guest experience (eHotelier)
While customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that encompasses both human interaction and software, some references to it might refer exclusively to technology, but very few mentions of it would encompass both. For the successful hospitality operator, a CRM system is an essential piece of software that enables them to provide the perfect experience for a guest, no matter what channel they come through, what their reason for travel is, or who they are travelling with.
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The direct debate: The ultimate hotel-OTA relationship (Hotels Passion for Hospitality)
In a competitive environment where hotels are pushing direct bookings and OTAs are offering the possibility of reaching new customers, how do hoteliers find the distribution answer that’s right for them? SnapShot’s David Turnbull focuses on what a beneficial hotel-OTA relationship looks like.
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Hilton hotels chief marketer : We want to personalize bedrooms using digital technology (CNBC)
Hotel group Hilton is aiming to personalize its bedrooms for guests using digital technology, before they arrive for their stay. In a similar way to people being able to remotely control the temperature of their homes using smart technology, Hilton Chief Marketing Officer Geraldine Calpin said that digitalization of rooms will be the “next big thing” for the hospitality chain.
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‘Smart’ hotel rooms will know how you like to sleep (New York Post)
Soon, you will be able to step into your hotel room and the thermostat will automatically adjust to the temperature you like. Netflix and Hulu accounts on the TV will be programmed to play your favorite shows and your preferred beer will be chilling in the refrigerator.
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Welcome to the future! Digital concierge service, robotic butlers and other cool amenities at these hotels (The Economic Times)
Apart from high-speed WiFi, the tech-savvy traveller expects digital concierge service, robotic butlers and other such amenities from hotels today. Looking for a unique travel experience? Staying in a one-of-a-kind, high-tech hotel can be a great way to get one. Whether you want robots checking your bags in or virtual golf simulations, we’ve rounded up five high-tech hotels from around the world.
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This hotel in Taiwan has high performance gaming PCs in every room (Business Insider UK)
Each room at the iHotel in Taoyuan, Taiwan has not one but two high-performance gaming PCs –complete with glowing peripherals, large monitors, and expensive chairs designed around gaming. Even the hotel’s lobby is packed with several gaming PCs, if you want to visit and play for a few hours.
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