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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #August



STR and Goole find string correlation between searches and hotel bookings (ehotelier)
A joint study by STR and Google focusing on two major hotel markets shows search engine volumes correlate with increased hotel demand. Higher Google search volumes are strongly correlated with higher hotel demand levels, according to an analysis from STR and Google.
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‘Frustrating’ hotel room key cards could disappear within five years (The Telegraph)
Hotel chains including Hilton and Louvre are introducing new bluetooth systems which let guests unlock their room doors by simply pressing a button on their mobile phone. According to experts smartphone “keys” will be found as standard in hotels within five years, as big chains are replacing outdated key cards with the new hassle-free technology.
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Study: Hotels with mobile apps have more satisfied customers (Mobile Marketer)
Hotels with mobile apps get higher customer satisfaction ratings from their guests, making smartphone technology a key part of providing good service, according to a study by market researcher J.D. Power. Integrating mobile technology also makes guests more willing to share their positive hotel experience on social media.
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A Hilton exec explains how technology keeps the hotel chain relevant after nearly 100 years (Business Insider UK)
Over the last 100 years, the name Hilton has become synonymous with hotels worldwide. Yet the world-famous hotel chain -which has just added its 5,000th property- faces stiff competition from the lodging industry. Hilton has, in turn, responded by raising its tech game to another level.
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Business of Loyalty: What the Travel Industry Could Learn From Amazon Prime (Skift)
Amazon’s subscription model – which has already disrupted music, groceries, and retail – could be the key to travel brands unlocking more revenues per customer. Here’s the lowdown on the latest tests. It has become cliché to say travel companies can learn from the success of Amazon Prime. Yet there’s still truth to it – particularly for online travel agencies, airlines, hotels, and cruise lines.
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10+ Times Hotels Surprised Everyone With Their Creativity (BoredPanda)
If you stay at hotels often, you know that most of them seem to offer the same old thing -mildly friendly reception, a decent bed, and a warm shower. Today, however, we’d like to focus on a few hotels that decided to up their game and take hospitality to the next level. Whether they offer awesome freebies for guests, above-the-curve decoration, or just a refreshing sense of humor, these hotels will have you clamoring to make a reservation, and are sure to be remembered when you leave.
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