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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #June



Booking dominates leads for hotels in key European markets (tnooz)
Interesting data released this week that shows the dominance of Booking as a source for hotel bookings in a number of European countries. In each of the five markets —UK, France, Germany, Spain and Russia— the Priceline Group-owned hotel booking site has pretty much either a leading or overwhelming position at the top.
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How Sébastien Bazin has transformed AccorHotels (Hotel News Now)
AccorHotels CEO Sébastien Bazin has led the France-based publicly traded hotel company though a transformative period since he joined in August 2013. That’s something few people predicted at the time, when Bazin himself said the company was “lagging. We’re not bad; we just have to fix it. It’s going to take the group two to three years to be at level of the other hotel investors.”
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Driving direct bookings: Are hotels images more important than guest reviews? (SiteMinder)
If a traveller has any suspicion about the quality or authenticity of your hotel, it’s very unlikely they’ll book with you. A lack of published reviews and a lack of photos are two of the biggest red flags for guests when browsing hotels. To someone viewing a hotel on the Internet, the absence of reviews or images may indicate to them that the hotel is hiding something – perhaps evidence of poor quality service, dirty interiors, or misleading location information.
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Data, personalisation to change the face of travel (Travel Daily)
Travel companies will need to leverage big data and personalise the customer experience in order to succeed in the coming years, delegates at an event in Bangkok have heard. Addressing Hotelbeds Group’s event, Sam Turner, the company’s sales director, provided the staggering facts that in the next two days alone, more data will be generated globally than from the dawn of time until 2003 combined, and that by 2020, the world will product 400 times as much data than it did in 2001.
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Hotels try to divert business from Expedia and Priceline, as millennial travelers upend the industry (Geek Wire)
Hotel owners are tired of online travel agencies (OTAs), like Expedia and Priceline, cutting into their profits by charging hefty commissions. To counter the growing trend of consumers booking through these third-party sites, big hotel chains have launched marketing campaigns to encourage customers to reserve rooms directly through their websites.
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Hotels find way to augment hospitality with technology (Hotel Management)
If, after a guest checks into his or her room at the Aloft Boston Seaport Hotel, something isn’t quite right -the heat needs to be cranked up or a light dimmed- there’s no need to call the front desk or even move. The world’s first voice-activated hotel room takes voice commands. Powered through an in-room iPad, Project Jetson employs a custom app and HomeKit-enabled accessories.
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Boomers plan to travel more than any other generation this summer (Hospitality Trends)
More than three out of five U.S. residents plan to take at least one leisure trip this summer and 37% of those travelers will be Boomers, which is a 2-percentage-point increase over 2016. “Those who think Millenials are replacing Boomers as the most-traveled generation are wrong, because, once again, Boomers will be the single largest traveling generation this summer”, states Cheryl Schutz, vice president, products and services at DK Shifflet.
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Enabling technologies for hotel guest experience management (ehotelier)
According to The 2017 Smart Decision Guide to Hotel Guest Experience Management technology expenditures this year are largely focused on initiatives geared towards enhancing the guest experience. Overall hotel IT budgets are growing with almost two-thirds (62 per cent) of hoteliers indicating that their IT budgets have increased by at least 25 per cent this year. These investments in technology solutions should ultimately translate into increased revenue and profitability.
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