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Hospitality & Technology Press Review #May



5 ways to boost direct bookings for small hotels (Software Advice)
In the hotel room booking wars, online travel agencies (OTAs) seem to be giving up a little ground, and it’s a great opportunity for small, boutique and independant hotels. Hotels that sell through OTAs must pay a commission, so direct bookings mean higher profit margins. For many years, hotels gave up that extra profit in order to reach a wider audience. However, new data shows that many rates are now cheaper when booking directly through the hotel website. What is causing cheaper direct bookings?
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How hoteliers are delivering a personalised guest experience (Amadeus)
Substract the destination and, for most travellers, hotels feel pretty much the same the world over. But this is a ll changing thanks to technology, and the hotel stay of the future will be a truly personalised experience. Your preferred temperature settings, favorite pillow type, and that particular brand of shampoo that keeps your hair tame will soon be standard amenities.
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Marriott created its own Snapchat TV Show (Skift)
Marriott International debuted the first episode of its newest content marketing endeavor: a three-minute “snapisode” called “Six Days, Seven Nights”. The four-part Snapchat video series will feature a total of four different social media influencers who each visit a different destination around the world, and stay at a property from Marriott’s 30-brand portfolio. The series is meant to promote Marriott’s lotyalty program, Marriott Rewards, specifically to Snapchat’s younger audience of users.
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Intelligent service will be the norm at the hotel of the future (Amadeus)
Everything in the travel industry is getting smarter. Hotels are riding this wave of innovation by taking advantage of technology trends to create better, more intelligent guest experiences. With over 4.77 billion mobile phone users estimated worldwide by 2017 and 350 billion text messages monthly, the growth in mobile is rapidly becoming the biggest trend in hotels. A lot of people prefer to text than call now, so hotels are implementing messaging services so guests can message the front desk, or the concierge, with their specific request.
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Trends in the purchase of hotel technology show a shift to cloud systems (tnooz)
Improvements in hotel technology have been enabling properties to think less about the behind the scenes processes and concentrate more on guests. Two years ago about a quarter of US hotels were using pen and paper to manage their properties but, fast forward to 2017 and they are looking increasingly to cloud-based systems to improve processes.
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