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The App and Website Shortlist #3

Welcome back to The LoungeUp Shortlist – a select pick of our favourite tech tools in the world of travel. Being open-minded individuals here at LoungeUp we’ve decided to include some websites into our normally exclusively app selection. Once again, there’s a poll at the bottom for your favourite service – cast your vote after you’ve checked out our three selections!


Created by the co-founder of Twitter, this app is a new kind of search engine which is powered by real people, giving real answers. You can ask a question with your camera, with an interactive map or in the traditional word format. In essence it’s a 24/7 Q&A session with the general public; very useful when you’re on holiday and want someone to identify all of the monuments you’ve taken photos of on your phone! You can also flick through and answer questions that others have posted if you’re feeling helpful. This could be the next big thing for the social networking world…



Some of our other Parisian startup buddies with a great idea, Cookening is a global community that aims to unite people through home dining experiences. Members can dine in homes around the world, having the opportunity to connect with friendly hosts, have interesting conversations and enjoy delicious homemade cuisine. The host writes a description of the meal on the website with the requested contribution for the evening, and then anyone can create an account and sign up as a guest. This is part of the new wave of successful online communities which provide a more personalised experience for travellers, as well as allowing the public to make money from services that they can already provide, like Airbnb.

  • Platforms: Web
  • Price: membership is free, meals vary in price




Findery allows you to find and leave notes all over the world on its maps, telling stories about the places people have found and loved. You can discover local knowledge, hidden secrets and information, whilst being able to add your own notes at your will. It’s still in its baby stages and will improve as its maps are built up with more and more notes, but the website is lovely and they’ve recently released an app. For a traveller in a new place it is a great way to discover new places and leave tips for fellow adventurers to find.

  • Platforms: iOS, Web
  • Price: free

Which is your favourite app/website from The Shortlist?





Written by LoungeUp